Be a Star: Support a Student like Kemena

Nov 25, 2019
Be a Star:  Support a Student like Kemena

After being a stay-at-home Mom since 1995, Kemena unexpectedly found herself going through a divorce and needed to go back to work to support her children and herself.  She was listening to WAMC and heard WERC’s Executive Director, Elizabeth Miller Guthier, talk on “Falling into Place” about the services that WERC provides.  Kemena pulled over and wrote down the phone number realizing she not only needed to go to work, but she wanted to go to work to better herself.   Although she was ready to move forward, leaving her comfort zone and venturing back into the workforce felt terrifying.  

Kemena has a Bachelor’s Degree and many post-graduate classes yet needed help with her resume, interviewing tips and building her self-confidence.  She completed WERC’s Customer Service Training program, graduating April 5th and embarked on her journey back to work.  It was a monumental step toward independence and self-sufficiency.  

Through WERC, she rediscovered herself, her strengths, her style, and her purpose.  Soon after completing the program, she attended two local Job Fairs interviewed with four different employers and resulted in securing full time employment with KeyBank.  She is now moving forward with a clearer vision and could not be more grateful with how her life is going!  “And it all began with a phone call to WERC!” 

Kemena was the Student Speaker at WERC’s Annual Luncheon Celebration on October 1, 2019. She shared her story with the 300+ attendees. Kemena is truly a star and an inspiration to us all. 

With your support, more women like Kemena will discover their own unique strengths, their light will get brighter, their glow will get stronger, and a more vibrant constellation and community will emerge.  

Help add another Star to our constellation and light up our community in 2020!