Business Development Specialist, Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group

"I started the program feeling hopeless. I lacked the confidence and the skills to make an unexpected career change. With each class, I found my skills and confidence growing. I began to believe that things would work out for me. As a direct result of my experiences in the WERC program, I have regained my self-respect and dignity. And, I now have a great job!"


Personnel Assistant, NYS Assembly

"WERC is an excellent program for displaced women! If it were not for WERC, I would not be in my current position at the NYS Assembly. I was laid off from my previous job and had no computer skills. I did not even know how to turn on a computer. Through WERC, I learned the skills that I needed to succeed. After I graduated from WERC's program, I had the confidence to go back to college and finish my degree. I will be forever thankful to WERC and its wonderful staff!"


Group Leader, Guilderland YMCA

"WERC is HOPE for a better life and for a better you. WERC is the start as it opens the door so you can go back into the sunshine and find your way with useful skills and supportive associates. Everyone cares that you succeed and they will do all they can to make that happen. Staff is there with a listening ear or a smile no matter what. The women attending the program are ready to try again, no matter how much life has knocked them down; they are looking for a new start."


Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, University at Albany – SUNY

"After supporting my husband in his career growth, it was quite a shock when he abruptly left our family. I was emotionally alone, a single parent of three children, and in need of employment. After an unsuccessful job search, I discovered WERC. Within two months of completing the program at WERC, I found a job in my desired field. Since then, I received a promotion and continue to have opportunities to grow professionally."


Senior Staff Developer, Measurement Incorporated

“WERC was the answer to my need for information, skills training and support at a critical point in my life. I strongly believe my experiences at WERC gave me an upper hand when compared to other job seekers in a competitive job market. I received the support, training and encouragement I needed to move forward in a successful job search and got a great job! I believe WERC is unparalleled in the Capital Region when it comes to supporting women like me who are in transition and need training and support to become gainfully employed and self-sufficient.”

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