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Help Women Like Jessica Achieve their Educational Goals. Read Her Story & Donate Today!

Posted Nov 30, 2022

Jessica is a part-time Teachers Aid. She volunteers throughout the year with local charities such as Concerned for the Hungry, Morning of Kindness, [...]

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Help Women Like Damaris Find Employment. Read Her Story & Donate Today!

Posted Nov 29, 2022

Damaris is a mother of two who became unemployed after the birth of her first child after working steadily for over 16 years prior. After moving back [...]

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The Displaced Homemaker Program: Keeping the Doors Open

Posted Mar 17, 2022

Photo: DHP Representatives from across the state in NYS Assembly Chamber (February 2020) In our area many people have heard about the Capital [...]

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WERC & BOCES Partnership Helps Ensure Future Healthcare Workers’ Success

Posted Feb 15, 2022

Photos: Sterile Processing Students during Interviewing Class - January 19, 2022. The Capital District Women’s Employment & Resource Center [...]

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Challenges of Reentering the Workforce: a WERC Graduate’s Story

Posted Jan 5, 2022

Photo: Damaris with her daughter and son as she works from her home on Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2021  Photo credit: Lori Van Buren/Times Union On [...]

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