WERC is community organization helping more than 300 Displaced Homemakers each year from the Capital Region and 

We Need your Help!



Getting to Know WERC

WERC hosts a session for volunteers, community partners, and employers interested in getting involved with WERC. Currently being held via Zoom, the sessions are a great opportunity to learn about WERC, the women we serve, and where we have a need for more volunteer support.  Visit the Events page for upcoming dates and registration information.

Attend Our Upcoming Events

We welcome you to attend any of our upcoming events. Please visit the Events page for more and to register.


100% of ALL donations directly benefit the women at WERC.

A donation of any amount will help support the women at WERC. The example donation amounts below show how your generosity could cover various services and resources:

  • $1,500 - ALL career readiness, computer training, and job search services provided to one woman until she finds EMPLOYMENT.

  • $500 - Networking and business card class for one woman. Includes printed business cards, professional card holder, and one networking event with a WERC Ambassador.

  • $250 - Resume and cover letter workshop for one woman. Includes completed resume packet and flash drive.

  • $100 - Computer class for one woman transitioning back into the workforce.

  • $50 - Review of individual career goals for one woman.

To donate, please click the "Donate Now" button in the upper right hand corner. 

Amazon Smile

Please remember WERC when you are shopping on-line! Find us at smile.amazon.com and on the top left corner on smile.amazon webpage, click support and choose Capital District Women's Employment & Resource Center.

Ambassador Program

WERC has been honored and fortunate to have many generous and dedicated supporters over the years. One such individual is Juanita Ecker, a certified expert in business etiquette, corporate protocol, and image consulting.  Juanita's generous donations have allowed WERC to create a fund specifically to help women return to work - giving them the edge they need - to be successful.

The donations from The "Juanita Ecker Student Networking Fund" allow us to continue teaching networking classes, assist students in creating their own business cards, and provide funds for our graduates to attend community networking events with our WERC Ambassadors.