Support a Star of WERC in 2020

Dec 12, 2019
Support a Star of WERC in 2020

Susan was laid off from her job at the NYS Senate where she had been employed for over 30 years in Constituent and Legislative Relations. She had a lot of experience, but was unsuccessful in finding employment for four-months.  She realized that she needed assistance in finding a new job in today's competitive market for well-paying positions.

While perusing the classified ads in the Times Union for job opportunities, she came across WERC’s ad promoting free classes focused on help finding employment in the Customer Service/Clerical area.  She thought it offered exactly what she needed: current computer skills training, an updated resume´ and cover letter, and assistance with job search and placement.

 Susan qualified for the WERC program and began her training and graduated in September 2019. She was now well-equipped to start her job search. She was determined to find a new job, preferably in state government, to retain the retirement benefits she had already accrued in her previous position. She immediately took on the challenge and began interviewing for numerous opportunities, many of them in state agencies.

Her diligence paid off.  Susan started a new job at the NYS Department of Financial Services as an Office Assistant in November. She is very excited and cannot thank WERC enough for her success.

 “My experience with WERC was wonderful. With WERC’s help, I now have a strong foundation of new skills and confidence. My future is much brighter now.”

With your support, more women like Susan will discover their own unique strengths, their light will get brighter, their glow will get stronger, and a more vibrant constellation and community will emerge.  

Help add another Star to our constellation and light up our community in 2020!