Our Constellation is Growing!

Jan 1, 2020
Our Constellation is Growing!
We are excited to announce that the Capital District Women’s Employment & Resource Center (WERC) and The Women’s Fund of the Capital Region have merged effective Jan. 1, 2020.
By partnering, the two organizations will be able to maximize their impact and better serve women in our community. Like a constellation, we can collectively glow the brightest when we are working together.
You will hear more about this new partnership in the coming months, but please see below for answers to some common questions about the merger.
If you have any other questions, please contact WERC's Executive Director Elizabeth Miller Guthier (bmiller@cdwerc.org) or WERC's Board Chair Megan Allen (mallen9094@yahoo.com).
 FAQs about the merger

1. How does The Women’s Fund of the Capital Region support women?

Founded in 2006, the vision of The Women’s Fund of the Capital Region (www.womensfundcr.org) is a community where all women are empowered through education to be self-sufficient and fulfill their potential. The Women’s Fund provides resources and support to financially insecure and non-traditional female students, women who are older than traditional students and/or may have had an interruption in their schooling. The Women’s Fund has raised and awarded more than $502,000 in grants, scholarships and emergency funds. This includes 76 scholarships that have been given to assist women in completing their education at Hudson Valley Community College and SUNY Schenectady County Community College thus making The Women’s Fund the largest scholarship donor for both institutions. The Women’s Fund has also provided grants to non-profit organizations that support women and girls.

2. Why are the organizations merging? 

The leadership of The Women’s Fund initially approached WERC's (www.cdwerc.org) leaders in the summer of 2018, as the volunteer-run organization was seeking options that would allow it to grow and remain sustainable for years to come. Leaders of both organizations quickly saw the mutual benefit and most importantly, the advantage for the women served by both organizations if they merged.
  •  The women served by each organization will benefit from additional support — WERC women will be able to apply for scholarships and The Women’s Fund scholarship recipients will be able to access WERC's job-seeking resources.
  •  Working together will create efficiencies that enable a larger impact, increasing not only the number of women served, but the number of women entering the workforce AND the educational system. This will positively impact more lives and benefit the entire community.
  •  Together WERC will have stronger leadership by adding The Women’s Fund Steering Committee members to WERC's Board.
  •  Partnering will ensure long-term sustainability and growth of The Women’s Fund, a critical support for women in our region.

3. What will the merged organization be called? 

The organization name will remain Capital District Women's Employment & Resource Center (WERC). The Women's Fund will transition into a program of WERC, retaining its identity and activities.

4. Will WERC and The Women’s Fund’s previous activities continue?

Yes, WERC will continue its more than 30-year focus on workforce development and job seeking skills, and The Women’s Fund will continue its focus on scholarships and emergency funds. Previous events held by WERC and The Women’s Fund will continue.

5. What does this mean for me, as a volunteer / sponsor / donor?

  • For volunteers, this means another way to get involved in helping women of the Capital Region, as volunteers are sought for The Women’s Fund Program Committee. Members will help plan The Women’s Fund’s Trailblazers Awards Luncheon, assist with scholarship administration and more. 
  • For sponsors and donors, this merger means the support of WERC will benefit women in a new way through scholarships. Recognition of support will also reach a larger audience of volunteers and event attendees.

 Read more about The Women's Fund of the Capital Region here.